CenturyLink Home Phone Calling Features

CenturyLink® Voicemail

CenturyLink Voicemail is included with most CenturyLink residential phone service plans. You will find that this voicemail with so many features and enhanced functionality to be a vital component of your CenturyLink home phone service.

What can you do with your CenturyLink Voicemail?

  • You can check your voicemail by phone, away from home, and online
  • This voicemail lets you send your message to one or more mailboxes
  • Your messages can be checked by with a touch-tone or wireless phone
  • Reply to and forward your messages
  • You can elevate status levels of your messages as urgent and request a confirmation when the message is played
  • With CenturyLink Voicemail, you can now access and hear messages as they are being recorded and break through to take the call!

CenturyLink Voicemail is there for you, in more ways than one. Remember, you’ll never have frustrated friends and family as all your regular callers will always be provided with a way to leave a message for you. Your voicemail is safe, and backed with your personal PIN number. Another thing many find to be a bonus of CenturyLink voicemail is there is no equipment needed or that has to be repaired. Remember, your voicemail is at work for you even when the power is out!

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see who is calling prior to answering your telephone. This feature enables you to display the name and phone number of the incoming caller, along with the time of the call. Also available as part of this feature in most areas at no extra charge is Anonymous Call Rejection. With Caller ID, you’ll be able to log the calls you receive and still have access to the phone number of callers who have disconnected the call.

If you want to enhance your CenturyLink Caller ID calling feature, you can do so by adding any of the following calling features:

  • Caller ID and Return Call
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting
  • Caller ID with Name and SignalRing
  • Caller ID and Per Call/Line Block
  • Caller ID and Call Forward No Answer
  • Caller ID and Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID and Call Forward Busy

Enhanced Call Waiting

With Enhanced Call Waiting from CenturyLink, you can place callers on hold, allowing you to take incoming calls. It is very easy to switch back and forth between your callers with this calling feature. It’s also a cinch to switch over for easy fax and data transmissions.

Call Waiting ID

View names, numbers and times of incoming calls on your Caller ID unit screen. Your taking these calls will be smooth and effortless with this very popular calling feature.

Three-Way Calling

The more friends and family on the line, the better! With three-way calling, you can engage in a conversation with a total of three unique callers, at once.

Call Forwarding

You’ll never have to miss an important call again with the popular call forwarding calling feature. This is a lifesaver for those who travel often. Simply forward all your calls to an alternate number (or pager) you can be reached at.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection rebuffs incoming calls whose source of origin is unidentified, private or unknown. This calling feature is cherished by those who value their private time and do not wish to be interrupted by potential nuisance callers. These callers will hear a recording informing them of their call not being excepted and your phone will not even ring.

CenturyLink Talking Call Waiting(SM)

Incoming calls are announced via. text-to-speech technology.

Repeat Dial

Put your dial-back feature on automatic so that it dials a busy telephone number for up to thirty minutes. Once a connection is made, your phone will ring and you can pick up to talk to the other party.

Return Call

This feature will redial whoever called your number last.

Selective Call Acceptance

You can control who is allowed to call you with the selective call acceptance feature. Program up to 12 phone numbers for incoming call receipt. All non-programmed numbers will be informed via. automated message that your number is not accepting calls and you won’t be disturbed by a phone call.

Speed Dial 8

You can store up to eight of your most frequently dialed telephone numbers and quickly dial them up any time with the press of a button.